Fremont Peak Park’s Adopt-a-Spot program

In order better utilize the time and energies of our active volunteer base, the FPP Steering Committee has developed an “Adopt-a-Spot” program for those volunteers wishing to have more flexibility in donating time to maintain the beauty of the park. We will be asking volunteers to Adopt-a-Spot and maintain a given area of the park. The area adopted will be adjusted to the tastes, abilities, and time resources of the volunteer, so everyone can contribute. Activities will vary, but might include light pruning of plants, weeding, policing litter, and generally looking out for areas needing attention. Every volunteer for the program will receive an introduction and basic training to familiarize them with their given area, and knowledgeable people will be available to answer questions on plants or deal with any larger issue that might arise.

Volunteer should have an estimate of their own time constraints, and physical abilities. The amount and schedule of your efforts will vary, but everyone can expect:

·        Each adopt-a-spot volunteer will meet with the program coordinator to select an appropriate area and become oriented to the program. An area of appropriate size and type will be selected to match the abilities and time the volunteer has available. The coordinator will review the basics of the plants in the area, identifying any the volunteer is unfamiliar with, and outline the general needs of the area, e.g., which plants might need care when, weed identification and control techniques, and any area specific concerns the park might have.

·        After the orientation, the volunteer will maintain the area within the guidelines given by the program coordinator on their own schedule. This might typically include light pruning, weeding and policing litter, and bringing up larger issues to the coordinator as needed. For instance, if mulching is needed, or a tree seems sickly or injured, or a fence post is in need of replacement, these issues should be brought to the attention of the coordinator so action can be taken by the parks department or the park steering committee.

·        The volunteer is not responsible for any issue larger than they feel comfortable with. If a task seems too big, the program coordinator or steering committee will arrange to take care of it by the appropriate person. Tree pruning, facilities repair, or arranging for replacement plants are examples of things a volunteer might notice need to be done, and they could refer those tasks to the program coordinator for attention.

To become involved in the Adopt-a-Spot program, send an email with your name and email address and phone number to, or talk to a steering committee member.
FoFPP Steering Committee
Paul Bryant
Shannon Cheng
Ellison Fidler
Patrick Groden
Ethan O'Connor
Greg Ramsey
Sue Sheldon
Vinita Sidhu
Jack Tomkinson

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